Critically endangered, dangerously cute

The NFT universe and organizations which aim to protect the physical world – NGOs, are combining their powers to create significant and lasting positive change through a united cause. One that we all share as equal Earthlings.

The Last of Them is a boutique charity NFT collection dedicated to unfortunately endangered animals on Mother Earth. Let’s help Them cuties thrive again.

Mint your endangered friend Go to Mint Collection launch is expected for Mid-February

The pack

The pack

The number of endangered species on The Red Book rises daily. However, based on strong connections with NGOs, consistency, technology expertise, firmly dedicated community, and, of course, pure love, our team is now confident that, we can not only lower this rise, but erase the word ”endangered” from the dictionary for good.

Sumatran Elephant ≈ 2400 Left

Where do they live: Indonesia, the island of Sumatra, but they prefer to live in lowland forests.

Why endangered: Habitat loss and poaching (led to human-elephant conflict)

Amur Leopard ≈ 80 Left

Where do they live: the Amur Heilong Landscape (both the Russian Far East and adjacent areas of China)

Why endangered: Habitat loss and poaching

Kakapo ≈ 201 Left

Where do they live: New Zealand

Why endangered: Habitat destruction and predation

Black-footed Ferret ≈ 370 Left

Where do they live: Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana and Arizona

Why endangered: Habitat loss and non-native diseases

African Wild Dogs ≈ 1409 Left

Where do they live: Tanzania and northern Mozambique

Why endangered: Habitat loss, targeted killings, viral diseases

How will you help?


go directly to charitable 
for the creators for expenses 
and maintenance


for every re-sale for the
charities - Lifelong
for every re-sale for the artists
who defend the endangered

What about the mint?

White List

  • Mint Date - 12th of February
  • Mint Price - 0.04 ETH
  • Available NFTs to mint - 500
  • 100% goes to Charity

Public Mint

  • Mint Date - 14th of February
  • Mint Price - 0.05 ETH
  • Available NFTs to mint - 3'960
  • 80% goes to Charity, 20% goes to creators
To learn more, join our  Discord channel  where like-minded people will answer all your questions.

The sense behind the traits

We have finely selected the TLoT traits on several levels and factors, so that we create a meaningful charitable PFP piece out of each match.

Check out the Three Levels down bellow:

Level 1 - General Traits

We strictly selected the general traits, that bring all the endangered animals of the project together. To accomplish this we relied on two pathways which are inextricably linked:
  • Typical common characteristics of all animals due to environment, habitat, intelligence etc.
  • The common factors that endanger The Pack

Level 2 - Specific Traits

We studied our animals in detail and, together with the support of our NGO partners, we created unique traits for each animal based on their individual characteristics, routine and personality. Their unique design combines them with the reason each animal is facing extinction.
  • The number of NFTs of each animal is equal to their number left in existence.

Level 3 - All too rare

Our rarities go beyond. We designed Exclusive Looks, being expressed by the uniquely-coded combinations of several traits. A secret number of them are exclusive to specifically selected Cuties.

Project roadmap

  • 1. Conception (Q3, 2021)

    We want to help out hard working charities who make a difference in animals’ lives – how do we do this? What are our skill sets? Who shall we donate the proceeds to for maximum impact?
  • Kakapo

    2. Tool up (Q4, 2021)

    Design begins, ideas collected on different animals and traits – begin discussions with charities and find out more about the specific causes they support
  • 3. Welfare Charity Partnerships (Q4, 2021 into Q1 2022)

    Speak with the experts and get their input – decide who we are donating funds to and how it is distributed.
  • Elephant

    4. Website Launch (Christmas 2021)

    Full website goes live, first three animals revealed and donation recipients / partners announced.
  • 5. Discord & Twitter Launch (January 2022)

    Speak with the experts and get their input – decide who we are donating funds to and how it is distributed.
  • 6. Revealing the New Animals

    Having collected feedback from NGOs and our communities, announce phase 2 of our animals launch!
  • Sample Mint

    7. The collection launch

    Make all of our NFT animals available to mint!
  • 8. The Animals Receive your Help

    Donations are made and announced online - we all feel good!
  • 9. Reward

    Based on input and discussions throughout the above, announce incenitives and rewards for our communities!

About the team

The fact that our team was assembled for another purpose entirely should tell you most of what you need to know about our motivation to create this project. Through unorthodox methods, combining years of personal relationships and professional growth with genuine and empathetic personalities in extraordinary proportions, we found our way organically to The Last of Them. As we were discussing The Last of Them, we came to the unanimous decision that our time and efforts will largely serve as a donation.We simply cannot imagine our children living in a world where these beautiful creatures exist only in fairytales. While bringing other projects to life in the NFT world, inspiration struck us to fight for a cause that we really care about, using a defense we create ourselves. We hope with the collaboration between the permanency of the blockchain database and our heartfelt NFT artwork, we can motivate others to help preserve The Last of Them together.

Eyes, Ears and Mouth

Squawking about the project, liaising with the charities, and feeding back information to the creative animals.

Аnimal whisperer

Actually, NFT animal whisperer. Direct any NFT specific questions at him, because he likes to talk a lot.

Chaos coordinator

Everyone’s creative ideas to be pointing to the same goal –> NFT art used for the survival of the next generations of endangered cuties.

Creative animal

Reading people's minds, putting imagination to live all the way from the web to the art.


Motivated to save wildlife with illustrations


Good at most things, great at some things, never a master of any.

Story & Message Fairy

Aligning our hearts and minds with the right words.
Spreading the cause paw by paw.


Here comes the technical help!
Let's save some animals using modern technology :)

Get in touch

If you want to speak to the team, drop us a line at [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for doing your part for The Last of Them!